Pawan Kalyan Inspirational songs

7 Inspirational songs of Pawan Kalyan that you should listen on this independence day

Pawan Kalyan, popularly known as Powerstar of Tollywood is not only known for his style but is also one of the most influential actors to have emerged from telugu film industry.On the occasion of the country’s 72nd Independence day, we take a look at the best thought provoking songs from pawan kalyan.

Lets get into the list of 7 thought provoking songs of pawan kalyan that addresses common man issues.

1. Le Le lele – Gudumba shankar.

“Neeralle parali andari daham teerchali, anichesthe muncheyali le le..”

2. I am an Indian – Badri

Why do you worry about the colour of your skin brother, when you know your blood is Indian.

3. Naa raju – Johnny

Anuvu gani chota nuv adhikudanna maata anavadhu ani vemanna gari maata

4. Maaralante lokam – Puli

“Maaralante lokam..maaralanta nuvve”

5. Taladinchuku – CGTR.

“Okadiga poradaleva nidralechi rara”

6. Look at my face in the mirror – Thammudu

Look at my face in the mirror and I wonder what I see.

7. Ye mera jaha – Khushi

Tumhe bhi ek din itihaas badalna hai, desh ko aage badanaa hai

Do you like any other Pawan Kalyan songs?

comment down the song names.


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